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P ink ee and precession

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W: 5" (12.7 cm)H: 7" (17.8 cm)

P ink ee and Precession
learning to think

             A book dropped off the bookcase and open. P ink ee decided she would investigate. She turned the pages with her paws and came across a line drawing. She read on, as she heard Purr splashing in the sink of water. That is how P ink ee became a fan of Bucky Fuller. "

" When we drop a stone in water, a circular wave is generated that moves outwardly in a plane perpendicular
(at right angles) to the line of stone-dropping--outwardly expanding cirular wave generates (at ninety degrees)...
 All these right-angles effects are processional effects.  Precession is the effect of bodies in motion."  

...not more than one human in 10 million is conceptually familiar with and sensorally comprehending of the principle of "precession"

                                                                                                Bucky Fuller from Critical Path



Clue: Another rare trait on P ink ee, she can read english and understand many lanuages.