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P ink ee World of Daisy

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W: 5" (12.7 cm)H: 7" (17.8 cm)

Where does P ink ee come from?
How did she get here?
      Mysteries unfolding... 


P ink ee card: World of Daisy

                                      What is a Daisy?

     Squeak, squeaky, squeaky. The noise was coming from the
running creature she had never seen before. The fluffy white
ball ran past her again down the hall not even noticing her.
Squeak, squeak…

     She heard the friendly voice. “It’s okay P ink ee. Don’t be afraid.
     In a calming tone, she heard, “It is Daisy playing with her toy.”
     Then more squeaking...

     P ink ee decided she would celebrate Daisy, in the only
way she knew how...on a grand scale. 


Excerpts from books of P ink ee, a cat.
“What Is a Daisy?”