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UR so charming

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Charming!      Cat and heart w rhinestone

Take caring to hurting hearts.

      How do u say sorry?
      When someone’s heart is hurting.

     A simple expression of
     thoughtful concern,
     healing and kindness.

     To hang on the rear view mirror
     as you travel, with u to work… 
     from a lamp as you read, upon a purse, a bag.

     When the heart is sad,
     the loss abides
     let this gift remind you that        
     the real treasure is the heart…
     love given, love returned.

     As each cat, dog, critter are different, so are our beads.

     Home is where we feel loved.


     Blue     for hope, like blue sky unlimited.
     Clear   for clarity, starting anew.
     Purple  for spirit.
     Silver    for remembrance, in this world things tarnish. Gold & silver have I none,
                   but of what I have I give.    
     Gold     treasured  
     Charms dear


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