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Really nice Cat hammock

$179.00 Approx €121.93, £104.25

Code: CH505


W: 100" (254 cm)H: 50" (127 cm)D: 50" (127 cm)

New sweet like candy cat hammock. Just add a cat or cats.
Custom Cat Hammock set

Each Cat hammock is unique. We use organic & safe new materials whenever possible, because we care about the well being of you & your cat. Fabrics are pre-washed and Scotch Guarded for instant easy cleaning. (Can be washed, helps keep kitty healthy.) Light enough to move. Sturdy, safe, made to last, while beautiful & fun.
We use local community help to make our products.

Note: The Hawaiian fabrics are vintage and very limited.
Made in the USA.

And as for Nelson's "cat nap table" as I call it, he LOVES it.  When I watch TV, he curls up in it next to me.  It's great
Peggy T smiley      Nevada, USA    (see Nelson's picture and Ace the Sedona Pet resident, testing product)