ToY Thinking of You  Card Service

ToY Thinking of You Card Service

Code: ECS 5

Starting as low as $3.50 per card Approx €2.39, £2.05

ToY  Thinking of You Week encouarges mailing of cards to let that someone know you are thinking about them.
                      It is celebrated the last week of September yearly.


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          Five Easy Steps to Impress

          1.   Choose the card.
                   You can choose a stock card or we can create a custom one.

          2.   Choose stamp.
                   We put a USPS first class stamp, to give that personal touch.

          3.   Tell us the inside greeting and/or how you wish it signed.
                   We work with you. You can decide the touch & feel, with our
                   expert experience and marketing skills. *

           4.   Tell us who you wish to send the card to.
                    All Client lists and names are kept private. We do not
                    use them or sell them.

           5.   The date you want your client to receive it by.
                    Please note to circumstances that may arise.
                    We suggest mailing early.



      Meo w owYour done.
                             We take the stress of connecting, out of your to do list and free up more time.
                              Starting at only $3.50 added per card.

                                *For Retailers we can offer free promotional materials.