Gratitude post its

Gratitude post its

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W: 3" (7.6 cm)H: 3" (7.6 cm)

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Gratitude Post its
Quote: Thank you Lord for

  • White paper, black ink
  • 3 inches wide x 3 inches high
  • Several variations

Notes: This idea comes form Glen Coon, "Wonderful, wonderful". For 10 days you write down ten things you were grateful for. (Like air, your teeth etc.)
The next day, ten more things you are grateful for. With that you would have 20 things you were grateful for. The next day ten more, 30 things.. until the 10th day when you had hundred. At first it might be hard to come up with 10, but keep going. By the end of 10 days it might just make you look at things differently.

Glen shared a story, when he was discouraged and he started this process. He said, "Thank you Lord for windows & doors; that they are locked so no one can come in..." You get the picture? Well there is something else. Glen Coon was the happinest person I've come across. When he got a stroke the only word he could say was wonderful. Those were his last words.

Turn the downs around.