NPM 2020

Wednesday 1st April 2020 at 20:27

This year I have written a poem for my dad and sharing a part of the water color I am working on.
He was from the island of Hawaii aand though you may not be familiar with the islands, just
relax, take your shoes off, smell the perfume of the flowers, the gentle breeze and read


                                                 distant smoke stacks are quiet
                                                 Parkers and cattle long gone
                                                 sugar cane yields to open fields
                                                 the volcano peaceful
                                                 water still gushes over the falls
                                                 heavenly mist lingers, then rises
                                                 like an old melody of koa trees and orchids
                                                 afternoon clouds gather to release rain and rainbows
                                                 before the endless blue returns
                                                 the sound of the waves still moves in, then out
                                                 a lullaby so familiar
                                                 telling the story again  
                                                 to add another name 
                                                 the last of Kohala brothers

                                                                                aloha (love in Hawaiian)