Saturday 25th April 2020 at 02:25

   There are those of us who adore stationery, paper, pen, acts of creative expression to someone special. As a part of an industry that was on life support it has found its way back to the hearts and mail boxes.

   As I ponder the words to say, think of the colors, textures, considered just the right stamp, there is a sense that as we write, we reach back to a rich past of poets, authors, politicans, kings queens, movie stars and everyday lives.

   As we live in a world of the present, stay put in our abodes, the opportunity to write a letter, send a card can be a marvelous thing to someone.

   It is still April and you can still make a difference in real time, that may last more than a lifetime. This weekend instead of turn off the devices and think of someone and just write. Be yourself. For just these last few days write and mail. Things will get busy again. Bad news will not stay. But when someone goes to the mailbox, finds a hand written envelope, you can be sure they will have a better day.

   Smile and write right away. XOXO love & kisses.