New designer cat bag

Monday 7th December 2015 at 06:08

Now this is a cat bag! Project "Cat in the Bag"

I love design and making things personal. Now I can show you in a step by step process, how to make a really cute dream place for your cat, that you will love too. This is product from Italy of course, (I love Italian design) is the easy base...just add creativity.

1. Open package: has 1 bag, a pad that fits in bag, instruction cover sheet
2. Choose a theme...example out doors, trees, birds etc. You can use a fabric, picture you like for ideas.
3. Choose colors you like as basic color scheme; like colors of your home, colors around you, colors in favorite things. Since I don't like the printing logo on the bag, I will design something, so it will cover the writing. (I am making it for a friend, so I will take that into account.)

Remember it is a paper bag and have fun. 
    More to come...