Goodbye Cecil (warning, graphic details)

Tuesday 28th July 2015 at 23:36

Despicable acts.

  It is always sad to lose a cat, but hunted, suffering for almost 2 days from arrow wounds, then gun shot, beheaded & skinned...for trophy and sport. This is the tragic end of Cecil the lion.

  We cannot bring Cecil the lion back, his cubs or the other creatures, but we can work to make this dental practice extinct, thus protecting and saving other animals. I dry my eyes, take courage and ask that all leave a questionable practice of an "American" dentist Walter Palmer, tell others, keep sending reviews and let Cecil's beautiful strong spirit work towards this being the last kill of this man.


   I am posting pictures and information of Walter Palmer another terrible American person.

                  Walter Palmer   dentist              
                  River Bluff Dental *
                  10851 Rhode Island Ave S
                  Bloomington, Minnesota (MN)   55438  USA
                  (952) 884 5361


ps I could not put on the other pictures of dead Cecil the lion, leopard, etc. Just too much.

* Please note that this information is public, that he (Mr Palmer) posted, advertising his business and himself. It is here so that people can express their concerns, to the correct individual, not to cause physical harm to him, his family or his property.
   Having been in Africa and loving the animals, the land, the people, I am so very sad.

  •  There are today only 4 northern white rhinos in the world.
  •  From 1970 to 1992, 96% of African black rhinos were killed, down to 2,300 in 1993.
  •  Tanzania has lost 60% of it's elephants, 2015.
  •  "Lions in West Africa are at highest level of risk, Pimm and the other researchers found. “The lions  in West Africa are essentially gone,” said Pimm. “Only a radical effort can save them at this stage.”

     The list is long and the efforts to stop this trend is daunting and dangerous for those of us who have been in this arena for many years.

     The place I ever wanted to go was to east Africa, seeing pictures of all the wonderful animals. When I got there it was even more beautiful. It looked like God had taken all the trees & turned them upsidedown. Larger  than life herds of animals shook the ground, dust storms from miles away, termite hills larger than me, moonsoon rains were like magic... endless hoizons.
     There is another Africa. One of proverty, suffering, blood, death, starvation and poaching. There were others that helped W. J. Palmer. This is much larger. There is a sickness of spirit, that takes more than it needs; that is
absent of mercy, grace, exquiste concern for more than oneself. Cecil is the face put on this struggle. It is personal and is at our own doors.
     In the end, my hope is that Cecil the lion's death may actually do more to save his pride and other big cats than living. Heart breaking it is, it may be the "why" that will move people, inform people to make better decisions, take action against (perversion) and for the (protection) of true treasure, life in all it's diverse splendid expressions.