Turbee Christmas

Turbee Christmas

Code: CC301


W: 5" (12.7 cm)H: 7" (17.8 cm)

$3.39 Approx €2.31, £1.97

Precious Christmas card

Greeting: The best presents are free. May you find love under your tree. Merry Christmas!

  • Color printed on quality semi-gloss white card stock
  • Plain white envelopes
  • Inside picture of cat in wrapping paper
  • Available in box set: see boxed cards

Story on back of card:
What Turbee gave me for Christmas?  She loves empty boxes, used ribbons and Christmas wrapping paper, empty shopping bags and aluminum ladders for a scratching post. She plays for hours looking at me now & then.Then she falls asleep hidden & content. She  didn't care for the presents from the store in pretty wrap like many of us humans do. She found joy in the simplest of items...and I learned my best present was her and her love wrapped in used holiday paper. May you always find happiness and the paws to share them with.