Adorable Milkshake blank card

Adorable Milkshake blank card

Code: C401


W: 5" (12.7 cm)H: 7" (17.8 cm)

$3.39 Approx €2.32, £1.98

He who loves boxes

Greeting: blank inside

  • White background
  • Color printed on semi-gloss high quality card stock paper.
  • Plain white envelope
  • Available in box set: see boxed cards

Milkshake's story on back side of card: Miracle Milkshake He was a little white handful of fur, with black edged ears and blue eyes. So tiny and weak, he could not suck on a bottle. His stomach was empty, born too weak to nurse and to cry. When you touched the top of his head, you could feel his brain, where a skull should have been. His unsteady legs were missing a lot of fur. That day would have been his last day, of a very short life, had he not come into our lives. His first meal with the tube, though small extended his tummy so he looked like a balloon with legs. I decided to keep him, concerned about the special care he would need . With vitamins, formula, warm towels to clean him, and love, he grew. Today he is the fluffiest, long-haired big cat, with the cutest little cry, I know of. He is my little miracle. Miracles are all around us, if we but open our hearts. From our hearts to yours.