Animals have it.

Monday 27th July 2015 at 18:47

Four footed, two footed, fins and more. Have your own miniture Jellyfish tank. Dogs in pink colored fur or a zebra look. You have it here. SuperZoo 2015 and the new.


  • Zen pet nails clippers. For those who are afraid to clip their cat's claws. Easy to use and won't cut the quick. We will be testing the product ourselves, with the never clip my cat's nails guy. Will inform you of our results. Dogs clippers coming out later this year, three sizes. Place order now for great Christmas gift, that lasts and keeps your companions playing pain free.
  • Absolutely designer cool. Cats love bags. Cat Paper bags. These are great to decorate, fun, imaginative, cool for cats. I know, you are thinking, come on pay for a paper bag? Wait and see. <:-) Of course they are from one of my favorite places Italy. Coming soon. I can hear you cat purring for one.


More to come.