We are about inspiring

May you smile whenever you find us. No matter how you feel "Happiness Happens", somehow, somewhere, at sometime.
We want to support that journey in spirt, with heart, courage, imagination and design... sharing with our truly loving companions of the fur kind, especially cats.


  • We adore cats, because cat bliss exists.
  • We love design and creating
  • Cat is about color inside and out 
  • We care about you, that part that is very special


   We are located among the red rocks of Sedona, northern Arizona in the southwest United States. Beautiful, but at times makes it hard for our clients to find us.

Cat  Create anew thing began taking form in 2004/2005. Filing date was 2009 and became a registered trademarked ® company in November 2011.
tenn ink (tennink) is the sister company of
Cat, publishing in black and white, ink. Designing cards since 1980's and manufactoring since 1991.
We have had seven inspiring cat employees/models and one dog Daisy. (lost this year 2015)


  • im ^..^aginator 
    The imaginator of Cat, Create anew thing,
       because in many ways imagining is important. Everything created tells about us all and in this case, the business in some way.
    Enjoy the universe of cat and keep smiling in your heart.     


milkshake by the fireplace

Azreal has a funny tail and tale

Nui Nui Maka laid back fits his Hawaiian name


Daisy in office